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Tamilnadu Hindu Temples Federation is an amalgamation of temples of varied Hindu denominations and other organizations in Tamilnadu. It serves as a platform to bring into the glare of publicity our great community and celebrate its achievements in the areas of religion, arts, culture and heritage. Tamilnadu Hindu Temples Federation carries the ideal of upholding Hindu culture and civilized values.
We have been in existence for the last 10 years in various other capacities and have successfully registered as TAMILNADU HINDU TEMPLES FEDERATION in 2013, an organisation which is the Country’s largest voluntary missionary organisation and been into selfless service to various activities key to the Hindu Religion. Tamilnadu Hindu Temples Federation has been playing an amazing role as a functional body that represents the burgeoning Hindu community. The important facet of the Tamilnadu Hindu Temples Federation is to cater to the spiritual needs of all Indian families and to celebrate all important milestones, rituals and festivals in a true traditional manner, thanks to our resident temple priests who are vedic scholars of Hinduism. Tamilnadu Hindu Temples Federation aims to get families together as a community and celebrate all important occasions through the union of the loyalists, activitists and the devoted Hindus in Tamilnadu.

The function of the State Team is to provide necessary infrastructure and the support the state-wide District committees to encourage the planning, development and governance of Temples administration and to the conservative principles of the Hindu Religion.
This State Team shall monitor actions of the Federation, including Government legislation and regulations. The State Team shall examine the funding requirements and funding sources to the Temples Federation for the development and reconstruction of the Temples which require refurbishment. The State Team shall also consider proposals to amend the Principles and the objectives for the upliftment of the Temples Federation.
The State Team shall have atleast 10 members and the members are hereby appointed by the Trustees who shall have the Power and Responsibility.
Honorable Justice Dr. TN. Vallinayagam
Hon'ble Justice Dr.TN.Vallinayagam
Honorary Advisor - TNHTF
Latha Sabapathy
Smt Latha Sabapathy
Honorary Advisor - TNHTF

Smt Kutty Padmini
Smt Kutty Padmini
Honorary President - TNHTF
Smt Jayanthi Kannappan
Smt Jayanthi Kannappan
Honorary Advisor - TNHTF

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The district committee is comprised of community resources to support the Hindu Temple Federation. These committee members from the district ensure that every district chair is responsible for the overall successful operation of Tamilnadu Hindu Temples Federation. The committee envisions goals for the process, helps community members suggest ideas and develop proposals deciding and helping the management of the Federation to completion of various projects in Religious and Temple Related Activities. Through communication with all the neighborhoods within their own district, and outreach to community members about ideologies about Hindu Religion and Hindu Temples, the district committee members work to ensure that the process is extracted to the maximum and as inclusive as possible.
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